It’s been a tense few weeks leading up to the EU parliamentary elections last night, and as expected the far-right party Sverigedemokraterna (the Swedish Democrats) - like the majority of far right parties in Europe - got quite a few more seats than many of us would have wanted.

I came across this song, and it feels very appropriate today.

Andrea Lundquist’s song questions what right we have, who have always been shielded and protected by our democracy, to decide on who gets to come here and take part in our welfare. Because if it was our family being caught in war, famine, and/or destructive dictatorships, we would not hesitate to take flight to a foreign country for survival.

"De tar våra jobb, var det nån som sa imorse. Lite komiskt eftersom halva Sverige är och jobbar i Norge."

Kom igen Sverige, vi kan bättre än så här i September!

Anonymous said: Have you heard Dog Orchestra? I'm sort of part of the band sometimes so I'm bias but I still think you should listen to them. You'll find them on Soundcloud, they just went public. Either way, keep up the good work!

Heyy, are you a Swedish band? Really like the sound of this! I’ll put a post up about your songs, feel free to send me a few sentences about what you guys are up to and I’ll add that too :).

Angeliqua x

The Sounds have released their first song since 2011’s ‘Something to die for’.

Not crazy about it personally, but then I’m comparing it to the tracks off their first and second albums which were all brilliant.

The ‘Shake, Shake, Shake’ chorus might grow on me, who knows..

Will you be putting this in your summer playlists?

If Håkan is not your cup of tea, check out Thomas Stenström’s album from 2012. I’m not completely convinced of the lyrics (they do sound as if they belong in an 80’s song by Christer Sandelin), but jeez his album is filled with energy that I find difficult to resist.

(Source: Spotify)

It’s a somewhat hesitant Håkan we hear in this new single off his coming album. It’s no “River en vacker dröm”, and definitely no “Ramlar” or “En Midsommarnattsdröm”.

He doesn’t go all in I feel.

Still, it’s him. Most of all, it is the 39 year old him. The charm about Håkan is that we’ve seen him grow up, into his 20’s (in Broder Daniel), into his 30’s with his appraised albums, and now soon into his 40’s. He has changed, but it has never been for the worse. He’s developed, found new ways of encapsulating happiness and sadness, euphoria and sorrow, into his music.

As I continue to press repeat of this brand new track, it grows on me. But I have to say, I didn’t immediately love it.

And the song does have its similarities to other tracks, but this is nothing worth discussing. The resemblance to songs of U2 or The Killers just does not matter in my ears. I’m a Journalism student and so I damn well know my copyright law, but seriously, music > copyright laws any day.

That’s all for this time fellas. If you, like me, have spent 2,5 years waiting for new music from this man, enjoy this! (The link is to, it’s the best stream of the song I’ve found so far.)

Hejsvej x

Up for some Swedish pop to brighten up the last days of February? Oskar Linnros is back with single “Hur dom än”.

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Our King of Music has a new record coming!

Now I’m guessing most of you do not need me telling you this and have already heard about Håkan Hellström’s new album coming out as early as this April, more precisely April 7th. 

For those of you who have managed to miss this marvel of a fact; he is. It will carry the name “Det kommer aldrig va’ över för mig” (literal Eng tr.: It will never be over for me.) Good, I say.

The release was met by applause by many, the usual “he sucks, he can’t sing”-comments from a few, and widespread confusion about the picture accompanying the press release showing two kids - as in children, say around 9 years old - kissing with a little (scratch that; a lot..) of tongue.

The somewhat disturbing picture was soon forgotten in Håkan-fancamp though, and I suspect many are already dreaming of the summer gigs around Scandinavia which will hopefully follow this release. 

I know I am.

Shall we all take a moment and listen to the greatness that is Aprilhimlen, yes?

Jag tänker alltid på dig i april.

Friends is a Brooklyn band which should mean I shouldn’t publish this song here. BUT, the lead singer once dated a Swedish guy who taught her a couple of words of an interesting character. She used some of her Swedish vocab in this song.

Give it a listen, it is very entertaining.

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Den vinner som är trägen, den förlorar som ger upp.